our story

DJ's Wings became our moniker and it could be heard up & down the Cape -"I'm going to DJ's Wings!" In 2004, we packed up all our wing gear and headed east about 1/4 mile and took over these "trains that never move." We gutted, repaired, painted & cleaned - threw some great sports memorabilia on the walls, got a Buffalo head, a little train to go around, put TV's in all the booths and bathrooms, then called ourselves DJ's Family Sports Pub. Our famous award winning wings are what first made us famous, but now our full menu is just as amazing! Fun, inventive, fresh & delicious! - every item is cooked to order and all of the food is prepared fresh everyday. We are committed to you the customer - to have the greatest sports & food experience - every time. Our staff, cooks, drivers & counter help are devoted to making sure you get the highest quality of food - right down to the bone!


"My kind of place. Top deck above the railway. Cold beer. Excellent wings. And lots of eye candy."

a. j. c.

"LOVE the orange ginger chicken fingers so yummy!! Will be ordering take out again trying all their flavors!!"

justine m.

"Sit at the Bar and you won't be disappointed. The food is really good and the wings are the best I've had. The wait staff must have been selected by a someone who new they would drive in the customers."

bill l.